‘Miss left-handed’

I never knew that every 13th of August is the International Left-handers Day! Wow! and yes, I am a lefty.

I’m the only lefthanded child in my family.

 When I was in Primary School, my friends said I looked weird when I was writing. I tried so hard to write using my right hand, but the pencil always came back to my left hand: p So, I just had to get used to it.

 It’s funny how sometimes people jokingly says to me, “..and you only did that with your left hand?” haha, of course my left hand is my right hand in my life (if you get what I meant) 😀 … well, there are few things which my right hand is dominant. For instance, I play the guitar as the right-handed people do.

 Does it bother me for being a lefty? Of course, it doesn’t.  Indeed, I am glad and grateful to God for making me the way I am. 

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