The power of a dress!

If I’m a materialistic lady, there will be three things I need more in my life. Not diamond, not jewellery, not gold….But….

Books, Shoes and Dresses! Especially dresses!

Yes, dress! I prefer cutesy, pastel or floral dresses. From my past experiences, there’s something about the dress that won’t leave you until you purchase it. It’s like it has the power to haunt you. Like this one time, I saw this gorgeous dress in a little shop house during our trip to Korea. The red dress is exactly the same as Taylor Swift’s dress in the picture below!

I said I would buy it later, but I didn’t! Due to the limited time at Korea, I couldn’t be the owner of the lovely dress! Imagine the impact it gave me! The dress had been popping non-stop in my mind throughout our trip to China. It would’ve been a perfect Christmas dress for me this year! if only! Huh, even my sister said, I’d been whining too much about the dress!

Well, I guess the dress wasn’t meant to be. So sad! Now, as I recall it, there is indeed something I learnt from it. I learnt that I am still capable of controlling myself from buying more things. You see, I didn’t put the dress as my first priority, instead I bought lots of souvenirs for my friends and family first. I still have my senses. So, I guess I am not a shopaholic type, after all! Thank God for that: D 

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