The Adventures of Shoes!

I love shoes! Especially sneakers, flat shoes and sport shoes. Actually it all started when my two feet are ‘alergic’ of areas where the air-cond is too cold. At UMS, all the lecture halls are gadgeted with full-blast air-cond, so if I didn’t wear shoes, instead of listening to the lecture, I spent time rubbing my itchy feet to each other, all over again until they turned red.  So, I started buying shoes and it became addictive. Just simple, affordable and comfortable shoes. Shoes make me run free, lighter, and more cheerful! 🙂

Today, let me share with you the pictures of my helpful shoes with their own stories to tell. The first one is my white Axel Sport shoes. A week before climbing the Majestic Mount Kinabalu of Sabah, my friend and I bought inexpensive Shoes, Axel. Both of us took exactly the same kind. My friend chose the White one with pink strips and, I, the white with the blue strips on it. 

I am ‘sitting’ on the beautiful mountain 🙂

It’s funny that along our journey to the top, people commented on our shoes, saying that we weren’t suppose to wear White, as it would easily get dirty. But taadaa… if you look at the picture below, our shoes (post-climbing) were still looking-white-good 😉


Another helpful shoes are my small B.U.M sneakers. I love this one so much. I wear them everyday during our trip to Korea and China. They are so comfy and lovely to wear. The shoes helped me walk at the Great Wall of China! Thank you, dear shoes with purple shoelaces!  🙂

 Another ‘sit-down’ pose from me! (at the Great Wall of China)  🙂

Congratulations to Mr. Axel for reaching the summit of the highest mountain in South-East Asia.! And also to Miss B.U.M for walking around one of the seven wonders of the world! 😀 God bless! 

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