‘My long-time-ago-Dream’


Do you have a-long-time-ago-dream? I do ^_^

There was once a point in my life, where I was so disappointed of my parents, not sending me to a piano lesson when I was little. Maybe, if they did, I would have been a wonderful pianist today (perasan! hehe…) but thinking rationally, of course, they could not afford it. Back then, life was hard. We are farmers. And I’m so thankful that my loving and hardworking parents raised us, all eight siblings to be who we are today. Thank you, father and mother ^_^

At home, we owned a small keyboard bought a long time ago, by my sister. It was indeed a cheap one, but we love it very much. I used to play it a lot, even though I’m not as good as my brothers. I’m glad I have a talented play-by-ear brother. In fact, he’s the one who taught me to play guitar. Oh, by the way, we also had a guitar bought by my other sister. it’s also not a branded one, but it’s good enough for us back then. I’m so grateful that my older sisters bought the keyboard and the guitar for us to learn the instruments. They are so thoughtful. Thank you, best siblings ^_^

Now that I am working and receiving payment every month, I can finally achieve my long-time-ago-dream. I am really glad that now, I am taking piano lessons near my working place. Half an hour, once a week. And I am pleased to say that I have the best piano teacher ever! (not that i have anyone else before hehe). He’s very patient and kind. Thank you, sir ^_^

There is always indeed a challenge in doing something. And in my case, having no basic at all in reading the music notes ( except those we’d learned during primary school), it is really difficult for me to do the sight-reading. During my lesson, I will take so much time guessing what note it was. I am really slow or shall I say, ‘terrible’ in sight-reading. But then, I remind myself, I will never stop trying. Because I read a quote that says ‘constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones to genius’ Thank you, Elbert Hubbard, for the meaningful quote ^_^

Well, I will keep you posted of my progress in my piano lesson. Let me end this post by saying Thank You to my dearest one, Jesus Christ, for making my dream finally comes true. Thank you, Lord ^_^

P/s: For those of you who had a dream like mine, I am telling you now, that it is never too late to start. Read the link below to gain self-confidence. I did! ^_^ by the way, i’m in the 20 – 35 category of beginner… and the description fits me very well. let me include an excerpt from the article;

“Those who decide to learn piano in this age group generally have greater motivation and a clearer understanding of what they want. But they will have to work very hard, because progress will come only after a sufficient amount of work.”


10 thoughts on “‘My long-time-ago-Dream’

  1. okay……i certainly envy this! nola, i have the same intention of going to piano class. i actually have a lot of things that i wanna do (i wonder why have i not thought about this when i’m much younger). but, it’s kinda difficult to find time for myself now, what with amanda going to school lagik. but, no doubt i am sending her to the music class. started with piano first (next year). and if she wants to learn other music instrument after that it’s up to her. as long as she has the piano basic first.
    and I’m also targeting of getting a keyboard by this year. i’ve already got a good guitar and tambourine. so next will be keyboard and perhaps, ukulele too. hehehe…

    • wow, i think you will have a full set of instruments any time soon 🙂 how old is amanda now? it’ll be great if u send her to a piano class… i’m sure she’ll be a great musician like you 😀 i’m interested in playing d ukelele too…one day, maybe…fingers crossed! 😉

  2. hehe….boleh ba kalau kau tu. ndak lamak ko bole main ukulele sudah. us beign so excited talking about music instrument. hahaha… dulu2 tia dpt kan. hehe

  3. Playing piano is one of my ultimate desires! 🙂 It’s true that it’s never too late to go for that dream. I’m looking forward seeing myself playing one! 🙂

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