my studying years ^_^

I miss my studying years.

I miss attending lectures where I will look at the watch like a hundred times and my mind keeps hoping for the lecture to finish early.

I miss the pressure of whether individual or group assignments where I look forward to submit the tasks before the deadline.

I miss watching presentations and praying nobody will laugh at my clumsiness when my turn comes.

I miss waiting for the bus after lectures and fight to compete in the crowd to enter the small door of the bus.

I miss hanging out with my friends and laugh as if we never laugh before, while bowling, jamming, singing or sitting at cinemas.

I miss it when I bump into sweet strangers or cute crushes and exchange shy smiles at library, college or café.

I miss waking so early in the morning and run with my friends at the Sports complex where I end up sleeping again after jogging.

I miss watching dramas and movies during weekends where I will try so hard to open my eyes on Sundays so that I can make it on time to the church.

I miss it when exam is around the corner where I eagerly treasure every second of my time to finish the entire syllabus. 

I miss eating and sharing small meals with friends due to the lack of budget.

Well, I do really miss everything about students’ life. 🙂                                                            


4 thoughts on “my studying years ^_^

  1. Nola..i miss old those days too.. I really miss my studying lifee… What a wonderful moments with my friends.. 🙂

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