‘Miss left-handed’

I never knew that every 13th of August is the International Left-handers Day! Wow! and yes, I am a lefty.

I’m the only lefthanded child in my family.

 When I was in Primary School, my friends said I looked weird when I was writing. I tried so hard to write using my right hand, but the pencil always came back to my left hand: p So, I just had to get used to it.

 It’s funny how sometimes people jokingly says to me, “..and you only did that with your left hand?” haha, of course my left hand is my right hand in my life (if you get what I meant) 😀 … well, there are few things which my right hand is dominant. For instance, I play the guitar as the right-handed people do.

 Does it bother me for being a lefty? Of course, it doesn’t.  Indeed, I am glad and grateful to God for making me the way I am. 

The power of a dress!

If I’m a materialistic lady, there will be three things I need more in my life. Not diamond, not jewellery, not gold….But….

Books, Shoes and Dresses! Especially dresses!

Yes, dress! I prefer cutesy, pastel or floral dresses. From my past experiences, there’s something about the dress that won’t leave you until you purchase it. It’s like it has the power to haunt you. Like this one time, I saw this gorgeous dress in a little shop house during our trip to Korea. The red dress is exactly the same as Taylor Swift’s dress in the picture below!

I said I would buy it later, but I didn’t! Due to the limited time at Korea, I couldn’t be the owner of the lovely dress! Imagine the impact it gave me! The dress had been popping non-stop in my mind throughout our trip to China. It would’ve been a perfect Christmas dress for me this year! if only! Huh, even my sister said, I’d been whining too much about the dress!

Well, I guess the dress wasn’t meant to be. So sad! Now, as I recall it, there is indeed something I learnt from it. I learnt that I am still capable of controlling myself from buying more things. You see, I didn’t put the dress as my first priority, instead I bought lots of souvenirs for my friends and family first. I still have my senses. So, I guess I am not a shopaholic type, after all! Thank God for that: D 

The Adventures of Shoes!

I love shoes! Especially sneakers, flat shoes and sport shoes. Actually it all started when my two feet are ‘alergic’ of areas where the air-cond is too cold. At UMS, all the lecture halls are gadgeted with full-blast air-cond, so if I didn’t wear shoes, instead of listening to the lecture, I spent time rubbing my itchy feet to each other, all over again until they turned red.  So, I started buying shoes and it became addictive. Just simple, affordable and comfortable shoes. Shoes make me run free, lighter, and more cheerful! 🙂

Today, let me share with you the pictures of my helpful shoes with their own stories to tell. The first one is my white Axel Sport shoes. A week before climbing the Majestic Mount Kinabalu of Sabah, my friend and I bought inexpensive Shoes, Axel. Both of us took exactly the same kind. My friend chose the White one with pink strips and, I, the white with the blue strips on it. 

I am ‘sitting’ on the beautiful mountain 🙂

It’s funny that along our journey to the top, people commented on our shoes, saying that we weren’t suppose to wear White, as it would easily get dirty. But taadaa… if you look at the picture below, our shoes (post-climbing) were still looking-white-good 😉


Another helpful shoes are my small B.U.M sneakers. I love this one so much. I wear them everyday during our trip to Korea and China. They are so comfy and lovely to wear. The shoes helped me walk at the Great Wall of China! Thank you, dear shoes with purple shoelaces!  🙂

 Another ‘sit-down’ pose from me! (at the Great Wall of China)  🙂

Congratulations to Mr. Axel for reaching the summit of the highest mountain in South-East Asia.! And also to Miss B.U.M for walking around one of the seven wonders of the world! 😀 God bless! 


Okay, first of all, I’m not trying to brag myself. But I really need to share about this. I’m sure there are other people out there who face the same situation as I do. Honestly, I am 29 this year, but whenever I encounter strangers, they will think I am still a schoolgirl. Not the way I behave, but it is because of my look. I’ve experienced so many circumstances that brought up this issue.

For a start, after I finished high school and continued my diploma at UiTM, whenever I had a conversation with the people I rarely met during holidays, they will say something like this, “eh, lama suda tidak jumpa ko o… tingkatan brapa suda gia ko 2?” (long time no see… what Form in high school are you now?) and I will be stucked for awhile and usually my answer will be “ooh…saya tidak sekolah suda.” (i’ve finished my school) 🙂

Back when I was a practical/trainee teacher, when my friends and I went to the school for the first time to report duty, the security asked us “ are you girls coming here to get the SPM result?” and all of us looked at each other and giggled.

And now that I am a teacher, i am still facing the same thing. Sometimes, when I take a bus (sapa suru tidak brani drive kreta sndiri,kan hehe..) to go somewhere and have conversations with the other friendly passengers, the topic always arise. “Where are you schooling?” “Are you in Form 5?” and even the driver will charge me with the student’s fare rate. Haha lucky me! 🙂 (panjahat jg la kan heee…)

There was once, when I was walking around the school’s hostel, a parent called me, “Hey, which class are you?” I didn’t answer. I just smiled at the mother. “Can you ask my daughter to see me? I’m sure you know her.” Then she mentioned a name, which later I asked another student to call her to meet the parent. 

But what I remember the most is an incident at a market. I was looking for fresh vegetables, when I encounter one of my students, helping his mother selling ‘Kuih-muih’ at the market. “Hello!” I greeted the son and the mother in the friendliest-teacher-way. His mother looked at me and asked his son, “Is she your classmate at school?” I could feel my cheeks reddened, when her son answered with laughter, “She’s my teacher!” Imagined my 13-year-old student is my classmate! And I was 26 at that time. But the good thing is her mother quickly apologized and gave me extra ‘kuih’ hihihi…lucky me! Again 🙂

There are so many advantages…no, I’d rather call it, Blessings! That I receive for being the way I am. For instance, the agents/ business people who often come to school to promote about the things they are selling, always ignore me. Why? Because I usually tell them that I am just a practical/ trainee teacher (blm ada gaji lg) and they will leave me alone. (penipu jg la kan huhuhu…) 

I know I won’t be young forever. Everybody will get old. But I am going to enjoy this, while I still can (in a good way :)) hehe…

Thank You Lord, for making me…Me 🙂


Friendship and Books!

When I was 16, a group of kids from Singapore went to my village for a night stay. They were actually Americans but I couldn’t remember why they were from Singapore. Never mind that. What I wanted to share was the friendship I made with them. Especially with the two very sweet girls, Anneke Nielsen and Joanne Schneider. They were bestfriends and have so much things in common. Even their names have ‘Anne’ in them. They were both 13 but we looked as if we’re in the same age. They were very friendly and kind towards me. We spent time walking around the village and I showed them the paddy field 🙂 We talked about everything, especially music, films and books. It turned out they loved the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series by L.M Montgomery as much as I do.

Well, they said goodbye and left the next day, but the friendship didn’t end there. We continued our friendship through letters and postcards. And on my 17th birthday, both of them sent me wonderful memorable gifts. Yes! They gave me the Anne Book Series. Oh, how lovely!

Anneke gave the first series ‘Anne of Green Gables,’ and Joanne the second entitled ‘Anne of Avonlea.’

These books are undoubtly my favourites! 

Here are their warm wishes for me; 🙂

I couldn’t recall how we stopped corresponding, but wherever they are now, I wish they have a wonderful life! I miss them both so much! 

 I will be forever continue searching for all the Anne Book Series. Here are some of the books I found since then. Sadly, I haven’t found the series of the books after ‘Anne of the Island’ 😦 

This is Megan Follows as Anne Shirley in the movie version. Isn’t she perfect for Anne’s role? She is indeed destined to be Anne of Green Gables! 







…and here’s one of my favourite quotes from the story!

Anneke and Joanne will always be, as Anne Shirley says, my Bosom Friends, kindred spirits! 🙂

Please Practice Playing the Piano!

This is me playing a piano piece entitled ‘Fandango’ from Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book. I feel like posting this to remind me that I can play a piano piece if I PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE!

I’ve been sooo lazy these days! I skipped classes almost every week! Partly because I have other commitments, but mostly because I’m extremely lazy to practice huhuhu… This video is taken a few months ago, so i need to re-learn the piece if I want to play it right now. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am slow in sight-reading. Nevertheless, I am glad I can play it 🙂

p/s: please ignore my pajamas 😀

‘The Long-awaited-Certificate’

Here’s an update of my Piano lesson.

Finally, I received my Grade 1 Piano Certificate! ^_^ I took the exam last year and I passed with distinction! Thank You so much, Lord. It was indeed a beautiful experience.

Although it’s only a Grade 1 achievement , I’m so excited to share it with you ^_^ 

My thoughtful teacher also gave me a box of Beryl’s Tiramisu chocolates and a little book of appreciation entitled ‘Teacher’ ^_^Thank you so much, sir! ^_^

 This is me smiling to my ears! ^_^ (a pic taken by my piano teacher in the class.)